Ryan Chase

What I Can Do For You


I am motivated to find the perfect solution for my end users. Staying in tune with the latest web development trends, I actively search for ways to employ modern tools and frameworks in the apps I create. Fresh out of Thinkful's code school, here is what I can do for you.

  • I am excited to write JavaScript ES6
  • I consider myself an expert with Hyper Text Markup Language 5 and can accomplish any layout you put in front of me
  • I am extremely confident with Cascading Style Sheets 3 and cross browser support
  • My passion lies in building apps and reusable components with React JS
  • I have gone to code school to learn how to build a Node.js server to support to the front-ends of my apps
  • It is my believe that we should be following best practices to write clean JavaScript with Typescript
  • Understanding how to interface with databases is crucial for any app development. I have gone to code school to strengthen my knowledge around them
  • I have experience working with Git version control and the workflows
  • Test driven development allows me to think about the problem from every possible way. I have experience with writing tests in Mocha, Chai, and Jest
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UX Design

Currently working as a Senior User Experience designer for a healthcare organization, I lead usability for a mobile app providing member information to our healthcare workers. With a high awareness of usability as well as software development, I bring a unique set of tools to any team.

  • I use storyboards to share the tale of a user's journey through a feature and application
  • Creating journey maps allows you to envision the user's journey from start to finish
    Journey Mapping
  • Personas help me build empathy for the demographic of users I anticipate to build apps for
  • I create user flows to think through specific interactions in the software I design and develop
    User Flows
  • Wireframes allow me to quickly share ideas of features and general layout to seek feedback early in the design process
  • Rapid prototypes allow me to test apps and features without investing a huge amount of time to get feedback
    Rapid Prototyping
  • Design systems help reduce development times while also creating a consistent user experience; I have experience building them
    Design Systems
  • I use style guides to also promote consistency and branding
    Style Guides
  • User testing is possibly the most important aspect of application development. I am comfortable leading user testing and getting feedback
    User Testing